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Don’t just take our word for it – here is what some of our clients say about our work.

Padbury Vet Clinic

Padbury Vet Clinic

‘Susannah started assisting me with my business accounts in 2010, and has been in complete charge of my business finances and business development since 2013. She has streamlined my accounts and brought my business right up to date with new marketing strategies. I highly recommend Susannah as an excellent bookkeeper offering all round business support.’

– Allan Roberts


Fidem Wealth Solutions

Fidem Wealth Solutions

‘Suse has been great with getting me on track with my BAS and taxes. She is always full of new ideas and innovative suggestions, keeps me on my toes and is lovely to work with.’

– Frederick Herbst


Lead and Inspire

Lead and Inspire

‘Susannah and her team are so supportive, knowledgeable and completely dedicated to ensuring my business is the best it can be! I highly recommend their services to all businesses. It is so nice to know that I can concentrate on what I love to do most in my business whilst they take care of what they are most passionate about!’

– Jessica Terlick


Taxation Management Services (TMS)

Taxation Management Services (TMS)

Santosha Bookkeeping works closely with TMS in Scarborough to streamline your taxes, ensuring your finances are in order so your business can grow.

TMS excels in tax planning and accounting advice for small to large businesses, everything from start ups to corporate companies. With values in-line with Santosha, TMS offers individualised and customised business advice when reporting and accounting, maximising the success of your business.

Santosha and TMS have worked together since 2015 and over this time the relationship has strengthened through open communication and the common goal of helping companies save time and money.

This partnership means when you work with Santosha you not only have access to bookkeeping services but a direct line to an established accountant, giving you the support you need to make your business thrive.

Check out what John Hoff, the principal Accountant at TMS, has to say about Santosha Bookkeeping and Small Business Support:

‘If you want a bookkeeper that is friendly, adaptable and has a drive to keep your accounts correct and hassle free, then Susannah is the bookkeeper for you.’

– John Hoff